Course 75: Bovine Anaplasmosis


Many of us went to veterinary school to be cow or horse or dog or cat doctors and now we are being asked to see small ruminants on a regular basis. In this module, I discuss working with small producers, basic nutrition, parasite control and vaccinations, common conditions (especially emergency ones)…

CE Credit Hours for Completion: 1 (RACE approved)



Dr. Emily Reppert is one of the leading anaplasmosis researchers in the country. In this module, she reviews the disease and then answers your questions to the problems of drug and non-drug control, treatment of clinical cases, persistent infection and clearance of the carrier state, consistency of intake of CTC in pasture situations, and more! This is a must-have if you live in Anaplaz Country or have clients bringing in animals from endemic areas.

CE Credit Hours for Completion: 1 (RACE approved)