Lambing and Kidding Season Series


This series is a great way to prep for lambing and kidding season and to guide the husbandry care that leads up to a successful season. Get our modules on herd health, pregnancy toxemia, C-sections, and neonatal care – 4.5 hours of CE at the combo rate of $150.

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Getting healthy, vigorous lambs and kids is the culmination of months of time, energy and money for our clients. This series is perfect for the recent graduate wanting to get super comfortable with periparturient management of small ruminants and a great place to pick up some new tricks for the seasoned practitioner. In this series, I cover everything from herd health management prior to and during pregnancy, prevention and monitoring strategies for pregnancy toxemia as well as my exact treatment plans for clinical cases, C-sections with video showing every step up close and personal, and neonatal care of lambs and kids from resuscitation through the neonatal period. You will no longer wonder if you’re using a great analgesic strategy for your C-sections or if you’re doing all you can for pregnancy toxemias! Take the Lambing and Kidding Season Series to boost your confidence and skills to serve your clients and those mommas and babies.

Inside the Lambing and Kidding Season Series, you’ll find:

  • Herd Health Considerations for Sheep and Goats

After this module, you’ll walk away knowing the most important factors you need to consider to optimize the health and production of a sheep flock or goat herd. What vaccines matter and which ones don’t for your clients? Is their parasite plan (or lack thereof!) sound and sustainable? You’ll be able to confidently provide the education that is the foundation of the herd or flock’s health!


From Dr. R. B. In rural Kansas, “I just did a hard health visit to establish a VCPR for a client that just moved here from California a week ago. They have a small herd of goats. I sounded like a professional because of your module.”


  • Pregnancy Toxemia in Ewes and Does

Want my exact criteria I use for evaluating and treating cases of pregnancy toxemia? You got it! These can be complex cases, but with a few bits of information, you’ll be able to intervene to improve outcomes for both dams and lambs or kids. I share with you how I talk to owners about their options regarding induction, C-section or aggressive treatment to get babies to term and give you my fluid plans including additives and rates.


Feedback on this module from veterinarians has included, “Thanks for the course on pregnancy toxemia! We have raised sheep for a long time but it helped me a lot on managing better!” Dr. A.A.


  • Ruminant Caesarean Section Techniques

This module is THE STAR of all the modules I’ve created. I wanted you to know everything I could possibly stuff into a module so that you could show up and be your best surgeon self no matter what you you are presented with. This module includes multiple sedation and analgesia options, suture material selection, patient positioning, and all the photos and video footage you need to plan every step. This module includes both cattle and small ruminants with Go Pro footage. It also includes a bonus video of a start-to-finish ventral midline bovine C-section. Whether you’re a recent grad or been at this game a while, you will gain insights from this module.


Check this out: “I’ve done two small ruminant Csections in the field with your protocol as a weenie new grad and I freaking love it! Thank you!” Dr. K. J.


  • Neonatal Care of Lambs and Kids

Babies are out! Here, I go into how I assess and manage babies born to cases of dystocia, pregnancy toxemia or are otherwise compromised. I discuss resuscitation using field tools – including using baling wire (safely!) to facilitate intubation, whether those baffle devices help with oxygenation, the best warming methods, physical exam parameters for neonates and management of early neonatal diseases, including blood and plasma transfusion. Best part: I made you a formulary chart for resuscitation and emergency drugs!


  • BONUS! Grab my free Small Ruminant Dystocia Infographic – download share this on your clinic social media platforms to help clients determine when to call you! Get it under the Resources tab.


  • BONUS! Grab the free LACE Small Ruminant Pregnancy Loss Decision Chart, an algorithm to help you work through those dreaded spontaneous pregnancy loss cases. Just follow the clinical signs to the most likely set of differentials! Get it under the Resources tab.


  • BONUS! Grab the free Ruminant Fluid Therapy Cheat Sheet which has all my fluid rates, formulations and tips for fluid therapy from neonatal through adult ruminants! Get it under the Resources tab.


These modules were created by Dr. Meredyth Jones Cook, a food animal internal medicine specialist with over 20 years working in all aspects of food animal medicine, including as a private, mixed-animal practitioner in rural Kentucky. I am so excited to share with you what I have learned to help you develop the skills and confidence to provide exceptional livestock care!

4.5 hours of this teaching is a huge value for only $150

What do all LAC&E courses provide?

  • Lifetime access – Why would I ever take them back from you?!?
  • Downloadable proceedings “Thank you for pertinent, practical CE…I definitely find myself going back to the PDFs for some courses later.” -Dr. A.J.
  • The feeling of adding services with confidence! “The CE courses are great…great for brushing up on some older skills or learning new techniques. I’ve been able to confidently expand my services with the knowledge I’ve gained from these courses.” -Dr. A.B.

CE Credit Hours for Completion: 4.5 (RACE approved)