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Taught by a leading large animal expert with a passion for teaching other veterinary professionals.

Recognizing a growing need for practical, livestock-focused continuing education, Dr. Meredyth Jones has created a powerful catalog of professional RACE-approved CE modules to elevate the quality of livestock veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jones works around the world to expand medical knowledge regarding hoofstock species.

“Thank you so much for putting this CE together!! You definitely have a gift for teaching. I never tire of hearing you speak!!”
“Your CE lectures are awesome, practical, clear, and so great to watch. You are an amazing teacher. I am going to be better at my job after watching these.”
“I am so glad you did this, it makes CE much more practical and is better than any we have been to for quite some time.”
“I was just driving to work and thinking about all the ways that you have been such a blessing and help. I am sure it takes a bit of patience helping so many people.”
“You keep me engaged. You have a great balance of serious and funny.”
“She creates a good learning environment when she lectures. She makes subjects very easy to understand.”
“Your down-to-earth style, your lectures have pictures, are concise, relevant and are humorous. I don’t know how anyone ever learned LA medicine without her!”
“Great slide organization and emphasized important points. The lectures are easy to follow and keep my interest.”
“Clear. Concise. Engaging. To the point.”
“I love Dr. Jones’ teaching style – very practical, realistic, and full of humor.”
“Very good at explaining things. As weird as this sounds, you did a very good job of “dumbing” things down for us to understand them.”
“Always teaches concepts that are practical and never wastes time on minute details. I feel like I leave knowing more information which I could use to answer clients’ questions.”
“Great use of relevant pictures, movies, cases, etc. Fantastic public speaker.”
“Dr. Jones is a very impressive lecturer and teacher.”
“This lecture is amazing. It’s exactly what I needed to do the training. The material was wonderful and the interns have learned lots. So grateful!!”