The Bull Reproductive Course Series


The Bull Reproductive Course Series provides 3 hours of credit on the bull breeding soundness exam, identification and interpretation of sperm morphologies and management of penile and preputial injuries

CE Credit Hours for Completion: 3 (RACE approved)




The Bull Reproductive Course Series provides 3 hours of credit on the bull breeding soundness exam, identification and interpretation of sperm morphologies and management of penile and preputial injuries. This will give you a great foundation on evaluating bull fertility and in the evaluation and treatment of bull reproductive emergencies. Add in our module We Will Not Be De – feet – ed (Course 54), and you will be ready for all major bull issues!

CE Credit Hours for Completion: 3 (RACE approved)

Bull evaluation is the single most important thing a cow-calf veterinarian does for their clients.

You’re a recent graduate and are eager to get super comfortable collecting and evaluating bulls to serve your clients well and build the value you bring to your practice. Or, you’ve been around the block a few times testing bulls and want to be sure you are guiding clients well in making decisions for the future of bulls based on your evaluation.
Don’t get stuck when a client asks you if a bull will recover from all those pyriform heads you found on morphology. Should I cull this bull or retest him? What can I do for this bull now to give him the best shot at recovering from this preputial laceration?

Inside The Bull Reproductive Series, you’ll find:

  • Bull Breeding Soundness Exams – More Than Just a Wiggle Test

Evaluate a bull start-to-finish like the pro you are! Evaluating the bull coming into the chute, how to keep them standing in the chute, running the electroejaculator on the manual setting for those bulls (especially the young guys!) who often don’t collect well on the program, how to keep them standing, making slides for individual motility, making quality stained slides that make counting and recognizing abnormalities a breeze, recognizing round cells and white blood cells, and a brief review of common morphologic abnormalities like proximal droplets and diadem defects.

  • Sperm Morphology: Building a Spermiogram

Recognize the most common sperm abnormalities, check the quality of your microscope at catching abnormalities, determine what an abnormality means for a given bull and how to best guide owners in the decision making process.

  • Do You Want This Bull or a Bull? Diagnosis, Management, and Prognosis of Common Preputial and Penile Injuries

When presented with a bull with swellings, deviations, dropped sheath or failure of erection, how to determine what it is, the severity, what likely happened to him, and what initial exam information you need to determine the bull’s chances. Then, determine what you can do initially and what his options are medically or surgically.

  • BONUS! Grab the LAC&E Bull BSE Multi Form, a huge timesaver from our Resources page! This fillable spreadsheet file includes all the checkpoints for the BSE to save you time when you’ve got lots of bulls going through the chute! Use it on your tablet or laptop chute side or print it off to give you a worksheet that you don’t mind getting poopy!

With these courses you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently perform a physical and reproductive exam on bulls
  • Collect bulls with ease
  • Handle samples in a way that preserves the characteristics of the sperm
  • Evaluate individual motility
  • Create a stained slide that is readable
  • Recognize abnormal morphologies
  • Correctly classify bulls
  • Answer client questions about the bull’s future based on abnormal findings
  • Diagnose penile and preputial abnormalities
  • Critically evaluate injuries to determine the bull’s prognosis

These modules were created by Dr. Jennifer Koziol, a board-certified theriogenologist who was one of the two coauthors of the most recent bull breeding soundness guidelines for the Society for Theriogenology and is internationally recognized for her expertise related to bulls, plus, she is super practical!

Three hours of her teaching is a huge value for only $100

CE Credit Hours for Completion: 3 (RACE approved)